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......@@ -25,23 +25,29 @@ The program can also update metadata for your entries, fetching Data from wherev
![Screenshot 1](
![Screenshot 2](
# Wanna have it?
# Downloads
All the new Downloads can found [here](
Before I packaged the zip files manually and uploaded them. Now, they are automatically packaged by gilab-ci and uploaded to dropbox.
Plus, they also come in zip, tar.gz and dmg variety intended for Windows, Linux and Mac respectively.
Some of the old zip Downloads can still be found here for the time being, but they will go away eventually.
**Snapshot 01.06.2019:** [Download](<br>
**Snapshot 27.05.2019:** [Download](<br>
**Snapshot 01.03.2019:** [Download](
NOTE: This release is compiled with JDK11 for JDK11. Earlier versions of Java won´t work at all. But later version are expected to work (fingers crossed).
NOTE: All of these are compiled with JDK11 for JDK11. Earlier versions of Java won´t work at all. But later version are expected to work (fingers crossed).
It works on Windows, Linux and MacOS. Since, JavaFX is now no longer part of OraclesJDK, the native binaries
are bundled into the jar itself. This also means you can now use OpenJDK.
I tested it on Windows, Linux and Mac. ~~On Linux when using wayland it does not launch, but as a workaround you
can launch it with the ```-Djdk.gtk.version=2``` flag.~~ (no longer required)
I tested it on Windows, Linux and Mac.
# "Installation"
# Installation
## Windows
Download the latest zip [here](
All you need is a Version of Java11 or higher, currently I'd say install
By the time you read this there maybe a newer version of Java around. Oracle seems to sort of 'archive' old versions of Java at this point,
......@@ -77,19 +83,19 @@ sudo alternatives --config java
java -version
4. Download zip
5. Unzip to /opt/AnimeList
4. Make directory in opt and change owner to your user
sudo unzip -d /opt/AnimeList
sudo mkdir /opt/AnimeList && sudo chown $USER:$USER /opt/AnimeList
6. Change owner to your current user
5. Download and untar latest version
sudo chown -R $USER:$USER /opt/AnimeList
wget -O - "" | tar xvz -C /opt/AnimeList
7. Create .desktop file
NOTE: With this command you can also update the program later on, you won't need to do all the rest again.
6. Create .desktop file
cat <<EOF | sudo tee /usr/local/share/applications/animelist.desktop
[Desktop Entry]
......@@ -102,4 +108,20 @@ Exec=java -jar AnimeList.jar
\ No newline at end of file
## MacOS
As with the Windows install, you'll have to install a version of JDK11 or higher. OraclesJDK or OpenJDK does not matter.
You can download the latest dmg [here](
Mount the dmg. Drag it into your applications.
However, as I do not have an apple developer account, I cannot sign the app. Hence it will tell you the app was downloaded from the internet
from an unindentified source/developer.
Usually, you can right click the app (right click not double click) and then click open and it will give you an
option to 'open it anyway' (you don't get that option if you double click).
AnimeList will save all it's data into ```~/animelist``` and not into the directory where the ```.jar``` resides as with all the other
installs currently.
\ No newline at end of file
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