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......@@ -17,15 +17,17 @@ The sourcecode is available at [](
# How to use this
**Bridge networking license activation** With ```network_mode: "bridge"``` (that's the default value). You will have to specify a custom mac address
for every container you create and keep it the same mac address on that container. Because docker will create it's own virtual network and it will
re-create said network every time you take down the container (at least every single up or downgrade). This makes your license activation
expier and you will have to re-activate it. Specifying a mac address fixes this. *This is not required when using your host's network.*
### **Docker Compose**
I'd recommend installing [docker-compose](, because it's just a more sane way to manage creating docker containers.
You'll create a ```docker-compose.yml``` config file that's roughly similar to the wall of text you'd otherwise have to type into the terminal.
**NOTE ABOUT LICENSE ACTIVATION:** With ```network_mode: "bridge"``` (that's the default value). Your license will not persist when you take down and recreate the container.
If you need the versatility of being able to remap ports you can use bridge networking (but you will have to re-activate jriver whenever you update the
container). *Host networking for the time being is a better option for that reason, if you want your license to persist threw up and downgrades.* There may be workarounds,
but none where tested at the time of writing this.
Bridge networking (default)
version: '3'
......@@ -34,6 +36,7 @@ services:
image: shiomax/jrivermc25
restart: always
container_name: jrivermc25
mac_address: ed:e8:60:2d:65:c1
- "5800:5800"
- "5900:5900"
......@@ -77,6 +80,7 @@ docker run -d \
--name=jrivermc25 \
--net=bridge \
--restart=always \
--mac-address=ed:e8:60:2d:65:c1 \
-p 5800:5800 \
-p 5900:5900 \
-p 52199:52199 \
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